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Meet the Owner

Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

The beginnings of Joe Quirino’s media career, which spans 20 years, emerged adolescence years, when he developed a talent for mixing music and became a popular, self-taught DJ. The nuanced ability to move a crowd with sound inspired Joe to further explore art and it’s many forms. Joe attended Midpark High School in Berea, OH, where he discovered a love for video, film and media arts, became instantly hooked and resolved to immerse himself in these studies. At 18, Joe began working full-time as an assignments editor for WEWS, Cleveland’s ABC affiliate network.

Post-graduation, Joe attended Baldwin Wallace College where he solitarily designed a major in the relatively new and rapidly evolving world of media, originally calling it “The Business of Digital Production”. He supplemented this concentration with a minor in commercial arts studies.

At WEWS, Joe transitioned into the television station’s graphic design division, and later joined their promotions department to create sophisticated, high-end commercials. (This was accomplished with the use of an original Avid non-linear editing system! How times have changed!) While at WEWS, Joe was awarded several Emmys for his documentary editing and digital compositing.

At 20 years old, Joe decided to go into business for himself, bolding launching Lake Effects Productions. Within a few short years, he had firmly established himself in the video production field through his involvement with an enormous reach of projects. He is artistically proficient with the combined use of sound and motion, which deems him a masterful storyteller. He has generated millions of views worldwide from his work with half-hour televised programming. Complementary to his fixed attention to detail, is the flexibility with which he can improvise during an interview from moment to moment if needed, or even film live the work of an open-heart surgeon. For Joe Quirino, any of these are just another day at the office!

Every Lake Effects Production retains the highest standard of quality because Joe remains as immersed in digital media studies today as he did as a young entrepreneur. Joe continually attends classes and seminars to remain at the top of the productions field market and to greet the unique challenges of today’s complex and ever-changing media landscape confidently, competently and head-on. Joe is invigorated and inspired by today’s exploding technology scene, it’s endless array of unbelievably cool equipment and gadgets and their new place in his perpetually evolving business.

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